Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Foot Foot Web Site

Now hear this!! The web site for The Brothers Foot(or is that feet?) is open and ready for business. The address is or just click on it here on the blob under links or at my web site under related sites. The book is still in the editing stages and won't be available for another month or so but I have the DVD-CD package ready to go for $10.00 plus shipping and handling(whatever that might be, probably a couple bucks). If anyone here is interested in one(or ten) just contact me directly through my e-mail at or leave a comment here and I will contact you if I have your e-mail address. Most people who read this here blob are friends and family anyway. The web site turned out pretty good. To make sure to go from page to page just click on the sign posts when you see the little hand. On the DVD-CD page you click on the DVD picture to see a short clip of the narrated story. On the real deal, there's one video of the story narrated by Ken Lund and features Ronnie Roo's wonderful illustrations plus another video of the song(check out the harmonica Alvin). There is also a separate CD with the song to play in your car or on your yacht or wherever. Hope you all check it out and enjoy it. I can't wait until the book is ready. I will keep you posted.

ps Rumor has it that Ronnie has made up an action dance(like the Alligator and Gum Tree dances). Maybe she can make a video of it and I can put it on the web site!


Sean said...

But remember....TRIX are for kids!

toni said...

i checked it out and thought the music and the art were very cool! I'll be needing some for gifts!
good job to everyone involved, and I can't stop singing the song! thanks alot!

ronnie said...

Video! Great idea. How many pais of those bunny ears can you round up for me? Roo

ronnieroo said...