Sunday, May 17, 2009

Barky Lew Reunion/Grand Lake

I had a nice talk with Cinda today and she will be here for the Grand Lake/Barky Lew Reunion July 18th & 19th. She said Mike and Barb will accompany her. It's the weekend that she usually makes it up to GL to run in the Buffalo Bar-B-Q race and sit in for a few songs. Good news, especially after learning about Radford. We are so lucky to have had the chance to play music with each other all of these years and the Barky Lew Birthday Bash in Colorado Springs has given us all the chance to get to get together once a year (or so) and catch up with each other! I'm really looking forward to this first Grand Lake reunion and hope that as many of the gang can make it up here for either or both days. It's a busy weekend, so make reservations for rooms ASAP and let me know if I can help in anyway. I think Rob, Ray, Hammer, Dicky Stew, Aligator Al and (of course Barky) will be here and hopefully Sean for Sunday. I'll try and get in touch with Foster, Al and Tom (Lewis and Joe might have to work but I'll let 'em know). If any of you can think of someone else...please let them know. The Hungry Farmer might be history...but I'm sure we can keep the spirit going!


Anonymous said...

Any interest in a few holes of golf/drinking in conjunction with the reunion? I'm coming with my son and we'd love to play/hack.


d. stew said...

I'll have my clubs and would be willing to donate a few more golf balls to the GL Golf Course. Hammer? Anyone else? I think Ann and Geoff and their kids are coming and Geoff might want to play. Fri. afternoon or Sun. morning would be the easiest time to get tee times. It will be a very busy weekend and the hotels/motels, restaurants and bars and golf course will be full all weekend.

Seanski said...

I'm trying my damnedest (a word?!) to get there on Sunday. If I can swing it, Joe Bob Bevans will be coming with me. We'll give it a shot, I think.

Just don't be servin' any Chick'fil'A....I hate them buzzards!

And don't forget that POCO plays Hudson Gardens the weekend before, July 12th! Tickets are only 10 bucks!