Sunday, May 31, 2009

If you turn this picture counter - clockwise... 180 you see a to tum pole or a horses face? I believe if I was in this picture, you would see a horse's ass but that is not what this questionnaire is all about. To tum Pole or Horses face???..... Please leave a comment!

And by the way...Happy Birthday to Jerry Warner, my mom(30th) and my big brother John(26th)!!!


MJ said...

Definitely a totem pole. Have a great week!!!

Anonymous said...

Now I have a headache!!! I see nuttin


Ronnieroo said...

Horse's face of course!!I see a horse no matter what i look at! But he's the one with a headache i'd imagine. What's with all those stitches up his face!!
Cheers Roo

Anonymous said...

Maybe he fought with a barbed wire fence. Did you ever know a horse that didn't fight with a fence now and then? As Cole Porter would say..."Don't Fence Me In".

Ronnieroo said...

Big Happy boithdays to all your lovely family members too Corm give them my love when you see them

Cathy Walton-Smith said...

When I turn it 108 degrees I see an upside down picture of a lake reflection -- when I turn it 90 degrees I see what just might be the Loc Ness monster. CWS