Friday, May 29, 2009

It's A Beautiful Morning

Why get up at dawn?
'cause all I do is yawn
It may be "daylight in the swamp", Big Jim
But sunrise doesn't always fit right in

With all my busy do's and don'ts
Whatever sinks, whatever floats
My eyelids want to close instead
I guess I'll just go back to bed


MJ said...

Another late night in the cosmos???
Enjoy your weekend!!!

Sean said...

Thanx for the props to Big Jim for the "Daylight in the Swamp!" reference. Great! I can still hear him bellowing that famous phrase as my window shade that he has just pulled on flap, flap, flaps at the top of the window frame and the sunlight screams into my room.
I kinda miss that, actually.

Now, God damnit, GET UP!

Anonymous said...

sometimes those bubbles bouncing over the sunrise can wake even the most weary of eyes, thats why God invented naps ~ just ask tinkerbell.