Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Incredible Journey

I'm off to Rainbow Mountain to see the Wiz of a Wiz...because, because, because, because....I can!
film at 11:00


Anonymous said...

I'm that dog that saw a rainbow

Anonymous said...

i dont think we're in kansas anymore toto - everything is in techno-color,the trees are talking back, and i'm chillaxin' with a scarecrow....think i'll keep these ruby slippers and stay :)

Cowardly Lion said...

Just got back on the computer after taking a wiz of a wiz! phew!!

"What makes a muskrat guard his musk?"

Anonymous said...

which one of you (3) are behind the curtain pulling the lever?

Anonymous said...

Hey, careful about that lever pulling talk. This is a family blog!

MJ said...

Beware of the flying monkies!!!!
...used to have nightmares about those creatures!!!