Thursday, May 14, 2009

Flannel PJ's

My moose pajamas fought with the washing machine
Must have been quite a battle trying to make them clean
I think they fought hard through the spin and the rinse
The draw string was loose, I haven't seen it since

I wonder if it's somewhere where that one sock goes
You know, that other dimension, only heaven knows
Is it somewhere in the Cosmos with Mr. Spock?
Please bring me back my drawstring and my other sock


Anonymous said...

what IS with that? combs and earrings go there too! 'spose its some creature that is building a secret weapon out of all of these things? the planet will soon be taken over by our well groomed socks!?

Anonymous said...

do you have antler marks from the moose head?

Anonymous said...

How could you get antler marks from a beer?