Friday, May 1, 2009

Barky Lew's Birthday....Grand Lake

El-Reeve Danway has officially confirmed that the Barky Lew's (Summertime) Reunion will be the weekend of July 18th. I'm not sure if we can have the photo of John Lennon at the white 'baby grand' or the miniature Bronco cheerleader (Rob probably did her anyway) but maybe the Kuner's can of green beans is still around and we can donate it to the local food bank! That is also the weekend of "Buffalo Bar-B-Q" which is a fun time but a busy weekend, so it would be wise to reserve rooms soon.
I would suggest the Daven Haven Lodge, Gateway Inn, Columbine Cottages (they allow pets) or Western Riviera. You can mention my name and, who knows? you might get a discount or they might charge you double! So pass the word on and I 'm certain that a good time will be had by all. As Gary H. would say..."If we don't see you in the future...we'll see you in the pasture".

PS. Ray, you might want to wear a hard hat in case that empty vodka bottle is still around....


sean said...

Unfortunately, the July 18th weekend is the absolute worst weekend for me ALL SUMMER. It's our Teddy Bear Days weekend here at the Zoo with our biggest crowds of the summer season and a special event that lasts all day both Saturday and Sunday. I am SO BUMMED, but I can't change the date here at the Zoo. So, everyone, PLEASE party hard for me and leave a phantom microphone open for me to throw in some high and lonesome harmonies!
Sorry I'll miss this round-up buckaroos, but duty calls.

Sean (very sad) : (

Anonymous said...

I'll be there. I booked the Gateway. I'll need volunteers to kidnap Sean. See you all.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a job for Godzila!