Thursday, May 14, 2009

I know many of you blog readers know me and also know that I don't fish in the 'main stream' most of the time. But I just saw something a few minutes ago that I've seen once before so I've got to share it. I had been at Caroline's Cuisine for a nice dinner and a glass of wine. Well, when I made it back home and parked the old Focus in the drive, I looked at the stars.(it's a beautiful night here at 8369' by the way) The "Big Dipper" was right above my house and, of course, I stood and looked up at that beautiful sky to look for Polaris and remembered the days when Ronnie's horse, BJ, used to be in the corral and I would visit with him after a night of music at the Lariat around 2:00 in the morning and look at the Milky Way and talk (he never talked back, by the way horse!!) but he'd put his head on my shoulder as I gazed at the stars.

Ok, to make a long story longer, one night I saw a UFO up there in the heavens and it was the coolest thing! Well, tonight as I was looking at the "Big Dripper" and thought I saw a satellite going kind of fast, just like the one I saw years before. It was going pretty fast for the space station or a shuttle(I've seen them before) and then it suddenly did 180 degree turn and disappeared. The one I'd seen before was more spectacular in the way it moved and went out of sight with a big flash of red light but the one I saw tonight was not from this neighborhood either.

And no, I'm not drunk....just lucky to live here with the aliens and hope to get abducted someday!


MJ said...

They ARE watching you. They miss you out there in the cosmos and hope that you finish your mission soon.

MJ said...

(approach Cormey with extreme caution...the secret is out)

Anonymous said...

what the hell did you eat?
Cosmic Cowboy

Sean said...

Corm, once they pick you up, PLEASE have them swing by and get me. I need some time away, and we can teach'em some tunes! (a drastic way to finally get together to pick!)
Oh shoot, we'll probably need a bass and drummer! I'll take 'em by Bevans' house, then we can zip over and pick up Tom Gregor. Hell, Tom will probably know how to fly the damn thing and he'll definitely be able to fix any electronic snafus.