Monday, June 29, 2009

Lazy Days

Mondays, for me are probably like a Saturday for most people. It's my day off after a weekend of music and sometimes a little madness. It's time to relax and reflect on the week that just passed by. I don't know if my 'four footed' friends here had as great a week as I did, but I'm kind of in the same mode myself today. Just lye in the green grass and enjoy the sunshine. I hope you all can be as lucky as these "happy campers" are!
A couple more of these days and it's the 'Forth of July' weekend and they'll have to take me back to the "funny farm"...where I'll be happy to see those nice men in their pretty white shirts...'cause their coming to take me away!!!...HA, HA..


ronnieroo said...

Yes they love to lie flat out in the sun. With about fifty horses here at the ranch we call a day like this 'a dead horse day'

MJ said...

Can't imagine seeing more of these guys on their back. They do look dead. Definitely a lazy day at the ranch. Corm, the guys in the white coats will have to wait in line cause the men from know where...will be wanting an update on why their skies are lighting up with the colorful stars. Enjoy!!!

Sean said...

Any reference to Napoleon XIV in a Blog is always fun! And we all remeber the flip side of that whacked 1966 single..."!aaaH-aH ,yawA eM ekaT oT gnimoC er'yehT" !!

See you in a couple of weeks, Corm! Haha Heehee Hoohoo.