Thursday, June 4, 2009

Such Is Life!

Sometimes it is difficult to express one's feelings on this stupid keyboard that goes out into hyper-space.

Tonight I am reminiscing about two wonderful souls who have passed on to their next journey.

Ella Mae Sutherland's ceremony was today and then I just heard tonight that my good friend Roger Jensen has left this time and place to be with his beloved Mary. I want to cry, but then again, I am so grateful to have known them both and I also want to laugh with the joy they both gave me and everyone they touched.
I guess all one can say is to thank them for making our lives a brighter place.
I will miss you both!

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fighterpilot said...

Cormey - thanks for having the courage to Blog. Your are a beloved brother and great friend to all you know. Your compassion is inspiring. Our thoughts and prayers with you and the families of your recently departed.