Sunday, June 14, 2009

Patience Is A Virture....(and I want it right now!)

As always, the weather here at 8369' changes more than an old man like me has to change his underwear. Today at the Waconda, Larry and I played some music to a small crowd under darkening skies but the weather managed to hold off until the patio finally filled with folks to listen and enjoy the music. Then the wind picked up and the rain began to fall. I assured them that the storm was not going to last long. (in fact), Aron Rhone and I even placed a bet as to how long it would continue. I said ten minutes and he said eight. He won! The rain only lasted 7 minutes, but none the less, in that short time.... most of the audience had left.
Then the sun came out and my friend Jon Cook sat in and played some of his incredible songs. (I believe that he is one of the most incredible songwriters I have ever had the pleasure to listen to!)
The people who were afraid that they would melt in rain sure missed out on some wonderful music and stories.
I remember back to the days of the "Beer Garden" at Squeaky's. It always seemed that on Sundays, the weather seemed to clear up around 5:00 and I believe it still rings true.
Once the tourists head on back down to the "Big Smoke", God shines a little light on us local folk to reward us for our long winter and the crazy tourist season that lies opon the horizon..


ronnieroo said...

The Electric Cowboy!!!

fighterpilot said...

Mostly Rain...