Friday, June 26, 2009

Perfection...Rocky Mountain Style

I saw antlers rising above a sea of grass. the swift waters of the mighty Colorado River as they flow from their 'birthplace', raging over a thundering waterfall to calmly make their way through an open meadow filled with wildflowers as they gracefully pick up speed and tumble down to Adam's Falls below. ( It just doesn't get any better than this!)

I know that a word such as perfect, is a lot to say but Tuesday and Wednesday here at 8369' were definitely that for me! The weather was gorgeous, the company indescribable and the beauty of this place never ceases to amaze me. Two days of enjoying hikes in RMNP, a wonderful dining experience at Caroline's Cuisine, a great lunch at Max & T's and to top it all off....front row seats to see the Rocky Mountain Rep's presentation of "The Pirates Of Penzance" at the theatre in the 'Community House' here in GL. This may sound like a chamber of commerce advertisement but Grand Lake in the summertime is to me... the "Greatest Show on Earth"!!

Come on up and see us sometime!


Anonymous said...

~*~ a little piece of heaven on earth! ~*~

fighterpilot said...


MJ said...

Can't wait to be there!!! Looks like I will get a chance to experience heaven in a few weeks. See you then!!