Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Father's Day And Classic Cars

There were a whole bunch of Model A's in town Friday. Sooo cool! I wish I could trade my Focus in for one. Summer does bring classic cars, motor cycles, boats etc. to 8369'. The drive over Trail Ridge Road is fun for them and it's good to see them stop and have lunch or whatever on their way back down to the 'flat lands'. I wonder what Barky Lew thinks when he sees them as he's mowing the grass in the park on his John Deer lawn mower. When I first met "The Lew", he had a '32 Model A Coupe with a 'rumble seat' and everything was 'cherried out'! I use to have a '36 Plymouth Coupe (hot rod) and I do miss it sometimes. I am willing to bet that those old cars look way better than Barky and I do now!
It is 'Father's Day' and I recall when my dad restored a 1926 'Star Four' by Durant Motors when we were kids. I remember when we went down to pick it up in Lyons and haul it back to our house in Holly Hills. It was pretty 'rustic' and even had bird nests in the vents. We all tried to help him out by sanding down the fenders and the old wood spoke wheels and such. Anyway, he made it golden and it looked just like it had just rolled off the assembly line in Detroit. He drove it in parades (St. Patrick's Day) and even up to Georgetown (if I remember correctly?) Honking the 'aryougaa horn' in the tunnel just before Idaho Springs. I miss my father and that beautiful old car!


MJ said...

Happy Father's Day to all!!!!

Sean said...

A great memory to keep forever, Corm!