Monday, June 22, 2009


Not much to say except that summer is finally here! It's a beautiful day here at 8369' and the four-legged critters are enjoying the sunshine along with the rest of us. I took this photo a few minutes ago on my way home from running errands in town. I'm going to go out and whack at the weeds in the yard and enjoy this beautiful day! Maybe a little golf later....who knows?


Anonymous said...

yessir finally summer!!! See ya in about 3 weeks.


Anonymous said...

isn't golf a whack in the weeds?

Anonymous said...

*~*..and let the summer adventures begin!*~*

fighterpilot said...

On a phone call to me in Iraq - my son Jonah said - "Dad can't wait to sit on the patio at the Waconda with you and listen to Cormey sing GRAND LAKE songs!"

Forever Home.