Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Skip's Pool Table

The Lariat got a new pool table last week. Of course, nothing ever goes without a story up here at 8369'. Dustin and Patrick Barnes were bringing the new one in through back door to put in on the new carpet and accompany the new tables and chairs in the "back room". (pretty fancy for "The Rope"). Well, they dropped it and it broke, so they brought another one in but it had red felt instead of the usual green. We all were wondering what Skip's reaction would be to see that 'whore house' pool table in his pool room.
Mike Hanifan to the rescue!!! He re-covered it with green felt and the "world is once again spinning in greased grooves", as DW and that Steinbeck guy used to say.
Thanks Mike.....Skip will be smiling this Friday night. (unless Bobby A. beats him in a three out of five)!

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