Monday, June 2, 2008

Texas in the Rear View Mirror

My little mind is still buzzing from everything I learned in Kerrville. It was a great experience, especially what I learned as far as songwriting goes. I took lots of notes on everything from writer's block to rhyming schemes and meter and composition, etc. It was three days of lecture and critiquing songs from 9:30 in the morning to 5:00 at night. We even had a homework assignment which involved writing a song using some of the methods that were taught in the lectures. The assignment was to write a song about your first date, first guitar, first car...whatever. I'd never thought about writing a song about my first car before but I have one now. It's a pretty good little song, actually, and I've already played it live a couple times.
I think the biggest thing about my experience in Kerrville was that I realized I'm a pretty good song writer and with some hard work and applying what I learned, I think I can make that next step up to becoming very good.
I saw a couple of shows but didn't have time to really get the whole folk fest experience. It's like a mini Woodstock there with everyone camping out and sitting around at night playing songs and partying. There were lots of hippies, young and old. About the only thing missing was the scent of patchuli oil, which would have taken me right back to the sixties......not quite the Texas I had imagined.

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I'm proud of ya Corm!