Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Pennstigator

One of my dearest friends is Penny Sadler. She seems to have a knack for bringing out the crazy side of me and everyone within ice cube throwing distance. That's why I call her 'The Pennstigator'! She's not related to Alligator Al or anything, but she does have this innocent way of instigating fun and drawing everyone else in to her spell. She's the person your parents warned you about! Penny and husband Jim have vacationed with Jeanine and me in Cabo and Belize and we always end up partying with the locals and writing songs(Frankie's Chairs) and meeting people who instantly become friends for life. I got to spend some time with her and Jim tonight at Caroline's and, of course, J.C., Dean, Alan and Petra were there visiting with another one of my favorite people, Christie Ann. That's just the way things happen when Penny's around. Good friends seem to congregate and inhale the positive waves(as Dal might say). So I just had to blog you, my friend and say thanks for being a friend!! Hey Penny, you know, you should buy a restaurant.

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Anonymous said...

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