Friday, June 6, 2008

Wishbone Lew

Remember the old TV series Rawhide? There was Rowdy Yates, Gil Favor, Mushey and of course the chuck wagon cook...Wishbone. I play music at the Waconda in Grand Lake every Saturday afternoon and taking over the duties of cooking up those great burgers this summer is the one and only Barky Lew.
Well, Barky bears a strong resemblance to Wishbone with the grey whiskers and all, and hence...the new nickname.
Also at 'The Wac' this year is one of my favorite people on the planet, D.J. Deej is bar tending and serving out on the patio and between the two of them it's quite the place to spend an afternoon. So drop on in to 'The Wac' if you make it up to Grand Lake this summer and enjoy the entertainment! Oh, and maybe some music too.

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