Monday, June 30, 2008

Tourists Taste Like Chicken

The Forth of July is fast approaching and of course the onslaught of tourists is about to turn our little mountain town into a frenzy of ice cream licking, gift shop browsing, 'deer in the headlights looking' folks who come to the mountains in search of relaxing in the cool thin air but wanting everything to be just like it is in the big city. Aah, welcome my tasty little morsels from the flat lands! Little do they know how difficult it is to survive a Rocky Mountain winter. It gets cold outside here when the days are short and the world becomes our freezer.
Elk is definitely preferred but hunting season is limited and of course there is a limit. There is, however, no season or limit on tourists! They are always in season. The smart hunter does have patience and will stalk his prey until their wallets are thin and their minds are a little fuzzy from one too many helicopters at the Lariat. Then it's 'Goodbye Charlie' to the freezer and a date for New Years dinner.
So welcome to Grand Lake my camera toting friends. We promise to treat you well, shake your hand and smile as we say to you with the utmost sincerity...."I'll be very happy to serve you"

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