Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Remembering A Friend

Tomorrow would have been Stan Brewster's 54th birthday and we would have celebrated like always with maybe a round of golf and partied with Dan (Sluggo) Schneller, seeing as they shared the same birthday. Instead we'll be celebrating his life and mourning his passing with his wife, Carol Ann and many, many friends. Cancer took Stanski from us last December and it's still hard to believe he's gone. I'm sure there will be times tomorrow when I'll be looking around expecting to see him there. Stan never missed a gathering of friends and I know he will be there through our memories and stories.
My favorite is when he took a taxi from Glenwood Springs to Grand Lake because some buddies on the train ride over gooned him into thinking his girlfriend was messing around while he was gone. I think that taxi ride cost him over $300! Stanski, I'll miss you but you'll always live on in my heart. OPA!! my friend...

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ronnieroo said...

Oh, So sorry to hear about Stan.I didn't know. He would sure love the way you are celebrating his life by getting together with all those who loved him so much.
Love Ronnie.