Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tow Truck Blues

Tom Larva and I bought this little Ford Ranger pickup truck about five years ago. We don't use it very often but it's always good to have a pickup truck and Tommy's been using it more often lately, seeing as it gets better mileage than his vehicle.
Well, I needed to use it to go to Denver and get sign materials the other day and Tommy came along to pick up some stuff he needed from 'the big smoke'. We got everything OK and were headed back up the hill when our little truck decided to make it's own 'big smoke' and an hour later we were on our way to Grand a tow truck! On the ride back we heard the tow truck driver's life story while she drove with her elbows on the wheel while taking pictures out the windshield on Berthoud Pass to send to her son in Louisiana. After an hour of this, we decided breaking down wasn't the worst thing in the world. The little brown truck is safe at home awaiting a diagnosis from our friend Dr. Gary Aho as to the amount of damage.
I hope the cost of those sign materials doesn't amount to a small fortune but it will certainly eat up any profit I would have made. Oh well, I'll probably get a song out of it. Maybe 'Tow Truckin' Mama', 'I've Got the Downshiftin' Blues' or 'Tow Me Away Mama but Leave My Heart Alone'


MJ said...

Hmmmmm....looking good and saved by a woman no less. What a crew!!!!

Anonymous said...

big smoke...small truck. nice picture.


John Jerke said...

My favorite Cormey song will always be the version you and Morgan sang of Neil Young's "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere". Is that the location of the picture. Just remember "that no matter where you go there you are".

Anonymous said...

Well after I enlarged the photo..... it appears that Tommy sat in the middle next to Tow Lady.

After he gets that grin off his face maybe he will tell where the date will be.... rlm