Sunday, June 8, 2008

Where's The Party?

I feel like I've been stood up on my first date! It's supposed to be summer and it's still snowing, the wind is blowing and the streets are as empty as Laredo after the cowboy is left to die in his clean white linens. I've been waiting all winter for the warm weather and those beautiful 'Colorado Blue' days of sunshine and humming birds and columbine, friends up to visit on the weekends for a round of golf. Hell, I even miss the tourists and not being able to find a parking place on main street. What the hell is going on?
Could it be El Nino? You can always blame it on the weather or the Democrats or the Republicans or the price of gas.
Trail Ridge has been open off and on and Mt. Baldy seems to get a new blanket of white every few days or so. They used to say June is busting out all over, so I thought I'd do my part and get this party started! It's time to break out the Hawaiian shirts and tank tops and fight this thing head on.
There are , however, a few signs that summer is on it's way. Last night at the Lariat, a six foot long blow up penis pushed it's way through the crowd, accompanied by a bachelorette party and soon took over the bar. It was actually a welcomed sight and picked up the whole place, so to speak.
I guess I should always remember that good things come to those who wait. So I suppose I'll just take each little moment of sunshine and hold it close to my breast(even if they're plastic), hoping summer is just around the corner. But I'll always keep in mind what John Henry Rhone used to say.... "there are two seasons up here..... this winter and next winter"


Anonymous said...

why are you wearing a pair of binoculars?

MJ said... there's a vision. OK, give Bobby his boobies back. You know he can't sleep without them!!!!