Friday, April 18, 2008

Alice on the Town

Some years back Ronnie Roo had her art gallery in the loft at Caroline's Cuisine. I believe it was named 'Viva la Roo'. Well anyway, that's when I first laid eyes on Alice. Alice is a camel of the paper mache and burlap variety and I immediately wanted to purchase her. She was not really for sale but with a little begging and pleading, Ronnie agreed to sell Alice on the condition that every once in awhile I would take my new found friend out for a night on the town.

Well needless to say, whenever we go out, my humpbacked date always gets lots of attention. I've heard that camels can go a long time without a drink of water but watch out for the bars! Everybody insists on buying her cocktails, especially when she's accompanied by her rubber chicken. The two of them make quite a show and as their designated driver it's all I can do to get them home safe and sound. I wonder what they do when I'm out of town?
Next time you're at your local watering hole, keep an eye out for my dromedary companion and her vulcanized friend. This ship of the desert might just sail into your heart!

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Ronnieroo said...

Nice to see Alice out on the town!I made three more Alice's in Australia. I'll see if i can fine pictures of them for you.Of course there will never really be another Alice.Say hi to everyone at Caroline's for me. I'll have to get down there one day.