Monday, April 14, 2008

Take An Old Fart To The Dump

Here's a little rumor I heard about a way to get to dump your unwanted refuse for free. Once a week the county allows people 65 or older to take a load and deposit it in the local landfill for free. If you drive that senior citizen, you can also bring along your stuff.
Well I nominate Dave Whitman as my designated dump-ee. He always brags that he is 10 years older than I am and I figure he could use some company on his way to appraise some one's house or property on the way. Maybe we could discuss how bad we did at trivia Wednesday night and the fact that 'Nine Toed' Bob was wrong about that question referring to the Revolutionary War because he was there!
The fact is...Dave's a great guy (no matter what everybody else says) and he's always ready and willing to help out for a good cause. He's pictured here over-seeing the water station at the Race For The Cure with his jello shots for kids(no alcohol).
But what the hell? Why not take advantage of the old coot! Take him to the dump, buy him lunch, pay for the gas, drive your own truck, buy him a couple Budweisers afterwards, pay him for the mileage, pay him for his valuable time, pay him for his advice on women, politics, religion, golf, football, basketball, gambling, the Buckeyes........oh, never mind, it would be way less expensive to just go by yourself and pay for it!!

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MJ said...

Old "PELT"...geez...get it right!!! Being older that dirt itself this one should know anything there is about "dumping". Just call him on his "fart" phone and see what happens. He's the master at why the air is sooooo thin in the mountains!!!!! I love ya!!!!