Saturday, April 26, 2008

Me and Hatter...On the "Love Boat"

Every time I'm in Cabo and see the big cruise ships come in I think about my one and only adventure on one of those hotels of the sea.
I was offered a great deal to go and play on a ship from the Costa cruise lines by a travel company Kathy Lewis worked for. They were leasing the ship for a 'Country Cruise' in the Caribbean. Country stars like Tanya Tucker, The Oak Ridge Boys and Colin Ray were on board and they needed some smaller acts to play other venues so I got to go for a week for free and get paid on top of it!
Anyway, they offered inexpensive fares for others if you shared a room so the 'Mad Hatter' went along with me. We had a good time and he even won enough money the first night in the casino to pay for his trip. I usually played afternoons by the pool and before dinner. I'd stay out late and Hatter would get up early, so we didn't even see that much of each other. We did have a couple days in port where I had the day off and we'd wander around St. Thomas or tour Nassau looking for something Hatter wanted that you couldn't find in the,ah, umm, eer... shops! All in all we both had a great time and I would do it again if I could get a similar deal, even if Mike didn't buy it when I came in early one morning, opened the door to the cabin and whispered, "It's OK Tanya, I think he's asleep".

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