Monday, April 7, 2008

Make a Little Ripple

I thought it might be good idea to share what inspires my songs. A favorite is 'Make A Little Ripple' which is on the Somewhere with a Beach CD. I had hiked up the East Inlet Trail to the second meadow and some of the words and music just kind of came to me, so I filed them away somewhere in the old memory banks.
A few months later, a guy who was making a video for the United Way looked me up to ask if maybe I had a song he could use as the background for his video. I remembered what I had jotted down and wrote a verse and chorus which he recorded and used. Later on when I was getting songs together for the 'Beach' CD, I revisited the song, and with a line from my friend Sean Anglum, finished it on the plane on my way to the first and only Cruise Ship gig I ever did. It's become one of my favorites and whenever I play it, especially at a fundraiser for a good cause, the lyrics ring true.
Make a little ripple, make a little wave
Toss a stone in the water
Shine a light through the haze
Helping one another, there's no better way
To make a little ripple
And make some body's day
Sounds like a good way to live life, doesn't it?

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Ronnieroo said...

That's a great song! I took the liberty of using it with little kids when i was substituting in Australia. I've came up with some simple little actions for it.I'll show you some time. Oh no not another Grand Lake line dance!!! LOL