Sunday, April 13, 2008

Legends Of Golf

As I watch the 72nd Masters, I can't help but think of some of the legendary players of the game. Yes, of course I'm talking about the 'Golfing Elvises'! The annual Lariat Golf Tournament was an event that Barky Lew, Aron Rhone, Tom (The Tuna) Gustin and I looked forward to every year. We were possibly the worst foursome to ever swing a club, but no one came close to having as much fun as we did.

Knowing we never had a chance to win, we decided to make the best of it and enjoy ourselves to the best of our abilities. Each fall we would think of something new to add to our growing status and the enquiring minds who wondered.. " what are they gonna do this year?" I believe our Elvis costumes were the best. Cindy Stewart made them for us with great detail all the way down to the sequins, gold lamae and bell bottoms. Keith Avila gave us a ride up to the course in his limousine and we piled out to accept the reception of a cheering crowd. OK, maybe a couple people laughed and applauded, but we were definitely the hit of the day.

We proceeded to play our usual stellar game and with the help of the beverage cart and the kegs of beer placed strategically throughout the course, we managed another last place finish. That didn't bother us one bit and just enhanced our already growing legend. Those old Lariat Golf Tournaments were the things dreams are made of, or nightmares in our case. I miss those days and all the fun everybody enjoyed. Some people played serious golf but most were just happy to be there with all their friends (some of whom, you only saw that one time a year). Rain, snow or sunshine, those were some of the best times ever and no matter what has happened since, the 'good old days of Grand Lake' were still the best!!

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Anonymous said...

I got to 'witness' first hand some of those golfing events. The first day of the golf tournament each year our team had the pleasure of playing golf with this foursome, no matter what incarnation they assumed. It was a mutually reserved day and not just because the beverage cart always was close by but because it was really fun. It was an experience to experience with great friends. What happened to the strategically placed flamingo?