Thursday, April 10, 2008

Up, Up, and Away.... Maybe

There are many forms of transportation to use when traveling in other countries. Tour buses, taxis, water taxis, public buses, camels, donkeys, horseback and my favorite...trains. But sometimes you need to get from place to place a little faster given the limited amount of time allowed on a short vacation. That's when you get to take the little 'puddle jumper' airplanes.
I think my first experience with these wonders of the sky was in the outback of Australia. They offered a flight over Ayers Rock(Uluru) and the Olgas. It really was fantastic to see from the air but when we were ready to land, the pilot explained that this particular plane was nicknamed the 'flying pig' because it landed like a pig. This was great news to the guy sitting behind me who had spent the entire flight with his face buried in his 'barf bag'. It was a rough landing, but the experience was well worth it.
Our last trip to Belize was a good one. No problems on the flights to and from Caye Caulker. We landed at the municipal airport in Belize City to catch another plane to Placencia. The ground crew serenaded us on guitar and as you can see by the picture on the right, security is top notch!(click on the photo to get a closer look) We boarded the plane and everyone strapped in. Jeanine even got the seat next to the pilot. Suddenly they asked us all to get out because some of the ground crew smelled smoke. The pilot couldn't smell or see anything, so he stayed put while we all got off. Jeanine turned around and saw that the plane was empty but couldn't get her seat belt undone. Finally the pilot helped her out and soon we were on another plane and on our way.
Personally, I love flying on those little 'puddle jumpers' and it always adds some adventure to one's holiday!

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