Monday, April 28, 2008

Toni Baloni

There was a time back in the 80's when I decided to go back to school. I had a bachelors degree in geography from the University of Northern Colorado but never did anything with it. I started playing music for money while in school and that turned into my career. Playing music had always treated me well but I wondered if it would last. I figured something different to fall back on might be a good idea.

I decided to learn how to be a sign painter and enrolled in an art school in Denver. It was only 15 months and I could still play music on weekends. There were probably 12 people in the class and one of them was the one and only Toni H. I'll keep her last name anonymous, not to protect her, but rather you innocent readers of this blog.

The 'Tonester' and I still keep in touch and she visits us as often as possible here in the mountains she loves so much. Toni and Jeanine have become great friends and the two of them help with the Race for the Cure every October and try to figure out a way for her to visit more often. Toni stayed in the sign business and always helps me out when I need advice on one of the few signs I still make. We look forward to her visits and hope she and her son can make it out this summer for some hiking, tipi parties and whatever.

I know she reads this blog now and then so, yes, this is a hint!! Thanks for being such a great friend over the years Toni and we'll see ya soon.

Watch out MJ, your turns coming but I might not be so nice!


MJ said...

Well, that was a nice article about the Red Head. I can't wait to see what awaits my fate!!! Bring it on dude!!!! Brunettes are much stronger than red heads. I can take whatever you got!!!!

William said...

Tell Toni I won't stalk her this year --- BC

toni marie said...

hey Cormus Enormus,
can you believe I just read this?! shame on me, I have been remiss. Been busy - which is always good for us self employed hippie types.
I miss you all, times in G.L. feed my spirit and keep me going til the next visit. they also seriously elevate my blood alcohol level...hmmmm. say hey to everyone for me til I can say it in person!
I love yooz guyz!
tonus bolonus