Thursday, March 6, 2008

Born Under a Wandering Star

This Winter's been colder than a welldigger's ___, colder than a witch's ___, it's been COLD! I guess it's time to blow this pop stand and find a warm beach somewhere.(sounds like a song, doesn't it?)

Speaking of 'Somewhere with a Beach', Ronnie Roo has resurected the old gal from the CD cover and has entered her in a T-Shirt contest (not a wet T-Shirt contest I hope). You can check it out and leave a comment to vote for it at... or her web

You should also check out her blog at

Well, like my friend Ben (pictured here), I was also born under a wandering star and will be seeking out that place in the sun soon. I might try to keep the blog going while I'm gone, but if not, I'll start it up again when and if I return. In the meantime...keep those cards and letters coming!

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