Friday, March 7, 2008

SEEEE...WEEED, seaweed, seaweed, SEEE..WEED!!

A boat and a bicycle. That's all you need to get around on Caye Caulker besides hoofing it. The only vehicles on the island are a police car and the truck that delivers that wonderful Belican Beer!

It only takes about 20 minutes to walk from one end of the island to the other, if you don't stop to get a bottle of the local drink. The guy that sells it uses a tricycle like this one and rides around the main drag yelling 'SEAWEED... seaweed, seaweed, seeeeee..weeeeed'!!!!! It's a combination of milk, seaweed and spices and is very tasty. It's kind of an island energy drink and not bad with a little 'One Barrel' rum mixed in. I can hardly wait to get there and swig down an ice cold one!

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