Sunday, March 2, 2008

I Survived Another 'Jimmy Buffett Night'

Well, another 'Jimmy Buffett Night' has come and gone. It's right up there with Forth of July and New Years Eve as one of the busiest nights of the year for the 'Lariat'.
Last night was no exception and proved to be a great night for Parrot Heads! My brother 'Real' Elderly was on hand to help me with the music on his harmonica and 'Nine Toed Bob' made an appearance, but then he got high, then he got high, then he got high!
We always do this night of Jimmy Buffett songs the first Saturday of March and it helps to get over the pain of 'Cabin Fever'. Margarita specials and Land Shark beer got everybody primed for action. It was a great night, so thanks to everybody for dressing up in Aloha shirts and Leis to help break up a long and frosty Winter. See ya all next year!!

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William said...

Fun Night!!! You did a great job.