Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kisses for Louie

Another 'Louie Night'! Louie Heckert was born March 29th, 1914 in Merino Colorado. This Saturday is our celebration of our beloved Louie. It will be the second one without him, but his legacy will always live on, as will his lovely Gladys'. I hope it will be as well attended as always. Last year was different without him , but so many people showed up that it seemed like he was still with us (and I'm sure he was!). I love the folks who show up wearing polyester outfits that don't match, dance, laugh, reminisce and share stories about Louie and Glady. A year ago we were excited to raise money to restore the old jeep, which due to help from many hard working friends with the encouragement and leadership of Peter 'The Painter' Esmonde, was realized on time at the Memorial Day Parade. I've got more
to say here, but wanted to get this done in hopes people would show up Saturday night at the Lariat. I will write some more on Louie in blogs to come and welcome comments and stories here. Pictured on the left is the
jeep as it looked in Danny Schneller's shop as
everyone was putting on the finishing touches.Also pictured is Louie dancing with Kristy on his
last birthday with us. Kristy was in a bad accident a few days ago but is going to be alright from what I've heard. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
I heard many jokes from Louie over the years, but I'm sorry to say I don't remember too many. Here's one I recall..... A guy walks into a bar dragging a chain behind him, the bartender says " Why are you dragging that chain?" to which the man replies "It's a hell of a lot easier than pushing it!" LONG LIVE LOUIE!!!

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