Saturday, March 29, 2008

They Say It's Your Birthday

I wrote a song for Louie Heckert a few years back to play for him on his birthday. It was a pretty good 'little ditty' but it never seemed quite right somehow. This morning I decided to give it a look because I knew I'd be playing it tonight on his 94th birthday celebration at the Lariat. I wrote one more verse about Gladys always being at his side and the whole thing came together as I had hoped. Silly me for not mentioning Gladys in the song before.
I remember after her memorial service how worried everyone was for Louie without her. I asked him if he was going to be OK and he said he'd better or a big foot would come out of the sky and kick him in the ass. For a number of years we had celebrated Louie's birthday and one year Gladys asked me why we didn't celebrate hers. Trust me, you did not argue with Gladys, so that October we threw one for her. I remember putting on a grey wig, horned rimmed glasses and a big stuffed bra(probably Mindy's) under a Hawaiian shirt. I got to drink bourbon and water and go around grabbing all the guys hands(not their asses like she used to) and not letting go. It was great fun, and except for the beard, I made a fair imitation.
No one will ever be able to imitate that dynamic duo but we can still celebrate them tonight by dressing up and dancing and laughing together as we remember what special people they were and I know they surely made my life richer for knowing them.
Happy Birthday Louie! (and don't forget Gladys)


Ronnieroo said...

Yes so glad you are keeping their great spirits alive Corm. They're up there celebrating right now with Mum.

bob wiebe said...

I'm sure the evening was a blast! Wish I could have been there with my "old friends". See ya soon. Doc Wiebe