Sunday, March 9, 2008

Travel Section

Who: Carol Ann, Maloyski & Debbie Damn-it

Where: Grand Lake Colorado

Best Meal: Lariat Slider

Best Hike: From Pancho & Lefty's to the Lariat

Favorite Drink: Helicopter

Things to see and do: All of the above

Favorite Song: 'Ripplin' Waters'

It was good to see three of the 'Ladies of the Lake' out and about today! Someday I'll have to write about all the great things the 'Ladies' do for our little community.

The sun's out today and even though it's still a little chilly(28f), it feels much warmer with a little Sol shinning down on the snow covered landscape. I got home from town and was greeted by a moose lounging in the backyard right next to Mary Jo's house! He's still out there as I write this and the magpies are sitting on him and picking away at his winter coat. Just another day here in 'The Hood'.


Ronnieroo said...

Great stuff Corm!This is going to be a great way for me to keep in touch with what's going on in GL. Must get down there some time. Life is just really busy here 'back at the ranch'. Give my love to everyone. It's great to see those familiar faces on your blog.
Luv Ronnie Roo.

MJ said...

Hey, It's my house and a very, very fine house at that!!! Glad to see that not everyone has forgotten about me. Just a warning....I WILL be back!!!!

P.S. Corm, could you bring me some fish sticks with that toilet paper? Not the charred ones, they just leave a smell that lasts for days!!!

Anonymous said...

How Great to see your Blog and all of the fabulous faces. Warmest hugs to all!