Monday, March 3, 2008

Get in the 'Way Back Machine' Sherman

Here's a blast from the past! Remember when the Lariat had the old stagecoach out front? Back in the 1980's they used it for the Buffalo Bar-B-Q parade and displayed it out front during the summer.
It only lasted for a summer or two and then Gene and D.W. moved it back to Sombrero Stables. Also in the picture you can see the Grand Lake Pharmacy, maybe even before Kent Laflin owned it. I believe at one time a guy named Vic owned the pharmacy and it was only opened in the summer months, as were most of the businesses in town at one time.
I'm not sure but I think the horses in the picture were Dick and M.P. Himes' trusty steeds.


Ron Denver said...

Remember the stagecoach well. Brother John and I rode in it one night with four "full figured" ladies after closing the Lariat. I recall they were in town for free fly fishing lessons. They weren't much to look at but we had good time and could they put the beer away.

Ronnieroo said...

yes they are the Hime's horses Bucky on the right and their lovely mare....can't remember her name right now but i do remember her getting me home safely after a couple of wines over at Donna Lyon's place one afternoon!LOL